Our Process

Our Process

Our Process
We want there to be absolutely no gap between what you desire and what we deliver. In order to create custom work with such fidelity to our customers, we have developed what can only be described as a “proprietary process”. While we can’t divulge all the specific details here, suffice it to say we are 10 times more involved with you than anybody else who claims to be in our field.

By all means necessary

As the old adage goes, “the devil is in the details”. No, we are not a satanic cult, but we certainly are enthralled by the smallest details. And when you see the results of our work for you, you may very well think that we’ve sold our souls.

The key is to stay with you, our valued customer, each and every step of the way. First of all, we need to know your assignment. And not just the assignment itself, but anything else you may see as relevant to it. Also helpful would be an example of your best writing. You see what we’re getting at here don’t you? We write custom papers… papers for you made to look like they are by you.

Make it work for you

After we’ve gotten the preliminaries taken care of, you select whoever in our superbly qualified staff of writers you’d like to have write your paper for you. Did we mention yet that everyone on our writing staff has a Master’s degree or higher? We try not to make too big a deal about that.

So now you’ve made your selection. Next we set you and your writer up with a private dedicated IM chat line to sort out all the details. Your paper writer will let you know exactly what hours he is available, and the two of you can hash things out and run whatever you want by the other one. We also offer a 24/7 toll free service line, for any questions about or changes you’d like to make to your paper at any odd hour.
Because it is so essential to the process of writing and delivering you the best paper possible, we find it astonishing that no other online paper-writing service offers this type of service. The only reasonable explanation for this disparity would be that our “competition” simply does not strive to serve you the way that we do. That is their loss, not ours.